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Contrary to what happens in banks, financial institutions seek to broaden the spectrum of consumers who can access financing thanks to fast mortgage loans. How? Simply making the conditions more flexible to obtain it and making the process more agile. Thus, in a short time and with fewer requirements, those who need money right now can have it right now.

Options for fast mortgage loans

Options for fast mortgage loans

There are several private equity options depending on the needs of each client. One of the most used is that of fast mortgage loans , which, as the name suggests, are based on a home that is placed as collateral. This is the only requirement that is asked to have the money. The property must be free of debt, yes or yes, but in return it is not mandatory that it belongs to the client, since it may belong to another person that he knows.

The applicant has the option of asking for up to a fifth of the price of the property, or the maximum amount of 150,000 USD. With this type of fast mortgage loans you are authorized to have an amount starting at 6,000 USD. What are the steps to get the money? The management is simple, since you have to complete an online form and send the request. After being approved, the contract is signed with a notary and the money is deposited in the client’s usual bank.

“To return it, he can choose terms ranging from 1 to 15 years and has the option to extend it with a cost of amortization of 0.25%, as long as at least one year has elapsed since he acquired the quick mortgage loan. “

The operation, in total, takes a few days; it always takes place in less than a week. In addition, for the convenience of the applicant, the fast mortgage loan contract is executed at a notary’s office in the area where he lives, no matter which one, since we operate throughout the national territory.

Who can apply for quick mortgage loans

Who can apply for quick mortgage loans

Few requirements, accessibility and immediacy are the main characteristics of fast mortgage loans. We aim to provide effective tools for the client to manage their economy intelligently.

It does not matter if the client is unemployed or does not know how to justify his earnings. Likewise, it does not matter if it appears in a delinquent registry, is in RAI or Asnef for having presented defaults or has no payroll. Being of legal age and having a property deed, the rest of the client’s conditions do not represent any problem.

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