Assistance in Obtaining a Consolidation Loan

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Help in obtaining a consolidation loan

Although most of us want to choose the cheapest consolidation loan, we can not always choose a bank that can give it to us.

Let’s assume that we have not received the possibility of taking out a loan in two or three banks and each of them checked our credit history in economic databases.

Each query to the BIG, KRD or BIK database is recorded on our account, and the more they are, the less creditworthiness of the borrower. How to avoid this?

The best solution will be to use the services of a company that helps in obtaining a consolidation loan.

We will help you choose the best consolidation loan online.


Support from Us

Support from Us

We were one of the largest and most trusted financial companies, which deals, among other things, with obtaining a consolidation loan. We have been operating on our financial market since 2014. Our company is guided by iron values ​​such as time saving, convenience, simplicity, honesty and transparency. Through us, the client submits one application, which is directed to up to 10 banks. The use of the website is completely free. There are also no additional fees for the costs of consolidation loan.


Consolidation loan

The main task of the company is to consolidate various loans and credits held by potential clients. They fill out the application for a consolidation loan, including personal and contact details in it.

You must also prepare documents and certificates necessary to obtain a consolidation loan – confirming the income obtained and their source as well as agreements for loans and credits that will be consolidated).

Next, we sends this application to 10 banks with which the company cooperates and these are:

  • mBank
  • Raiffeisen Polbank
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Getin Bank
  • Bank Pocztowy
  • Alior Bank
  • Plus Bank
  • Idea Bank
  • NeoBank
  • Nest Bank

Credit advisers, as part of the response to the submitted request, provide us with offers of consolidation loans that the client can compare. The choice is large, so it will certainly go to the offer that suits the borrower the most.

When he selects the best consolidation loan, the company arranges it with a representative of a given bank for a specific day and hour.

The important information is that in us there is no such thing as offers like a consolidation loan without creditworthiness. In addition, the company does not provide payday consolidation services.


Advantages of using the help in obtaining a consolidation loan

Advantages of using the help in obtaining a consolidation loan

  • big time saving due to sending one application instead of several
  • our BIK scoring and thus the creditworthiness will not be reduced
  • application analysis in 10 banks, even within 24 hours
  • consolidation loan via the Internet, without leaving your home
  • free online application support
  • the opportunity to obtain an offer that will reduce monthly installments by up to 30%


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