10 Examples of Where to Consolidate Your Debts to Save You Thousands!

Financial recovery methods do not have to be last resort solutions! When debts begin to accumulate, it can be very profitable to take the lead and put in place a debt consolidation plan that will save you significant amounts of money and speed up repayment.


What is debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation is one of these effective ways to overcome over-indebtedness, yet it is little known to ordinary people. Do not worry, because we are here to present you the advantages as well as the functioning of the debt consolidation!

However, it can be difficult to identify the needs of your own situation. Indeed, you are probably not a tax expert or a financial planner, which is why we present you with 10 examples of situations where consolidating your debts could be advantageous and save you thousands of dollars!


You can no longer make your monthly payments

Nothing hurts the credit file to make late payments or not to do them at all! As with credit cards, failure to pay the minimum monthly amount on your bills affects your financial history and triggers the accumulation of interest rates.

Do not get dragged into such a situation! The main advantage of a debt consolidation is the fact that the loan granted by the bank is divided into a monthly payment at a reduced interest rate (compared to your existing debts), and this amount is set in such a way that you are able to make payment every month in full and without delay.

It is obviously important to make sure you are able to make this monthly payment before accepting a debt consolidation loan. Failure to comply with this payment agreement can have consequences that are as serious, if not more serious, than late payment on credit cards, especially if the bank has a secured loan or the loan is endorsed by someone else. ‘a.

In this way, as you make the full payment of your debt each month, you stop hitting your credit rating and start the process of getting your finances back on track. So if you are the type to avoid looking at the balance of your card for fear of suffering discomfort, think about consolidating your debts. You will see that the end of the month do not have to be as stressful as they are now!


You are suffocated by credit card debts

It is said that there is nothing worse in cases of over-indebtedness than credit card debts and with good reason! Credit interest rates are often close to 18% to 20%, which multiplies your total repayment over time and makes paying your debts more and more difficult.


Credit-card debt,.

If you’re the type to wait for the end of the month in fear and anguish in front of an ever larger credit bill than last month, it may be time to think about getting your finances back. Getting a consolidation loan is one of those options that can help you get out of such a mess.

The financial institution from which you will obtain this loan will pay your debt to your lenders and you will only have to repay the bank in return. This has the undeniable advantage of curbing the accumulation of interest on your debt, since financial institutions generally offer interest rates on their loan that are significantly more advantageous than those you pay with your credit company.

In the case of a refusal by a financial institution to grant you a consolidation loan, you can always try your luck at another bank because each of them maintains its own admission criteria. However, do not be too quick to rush to the first private lenders or agencies other than the banks you find, because some of them charge a lot for the services they offer and their interest rates offered do not are not always as preferable as we think at first sight.


Interest rates on your debts are high

One of the first strategies for getting out of debt relief has always been, is and will always be to get rid of the debt at the highest interest rate first. Some files may require a different strategy, but the general rule is that these overwhelming debts go first.

It’s not just credit cards that charge high interest rates, personal, auto or recreational vehicle loans all go around 12% to 15%, which is above the rates. related to consolidation loans.

So, if the RV, motorcycle and mortgage start to hurt your wallet, it is possible to consolidate these debts in one and the same loan. Especially if you have such assets, you probably own a house, which puts you in a prime position to get a preferential rate. Indeed, as homeowners can borrow a huge percentage of the value of their home for a consolidation loan, this option presents itself to you as a golden opportunity!


You have debts with many lenders

One of the main advantages of debt consolidation is that the phone stops ringing every day and you no longer have to suffer the wrath of your many disgruntled lenders. So, if you are in a situation where the simple sound of the ringing phone is stressing you and makes you think of your many debts, you should consider getting a debt consolidation loan.

When the bank or another institution agrees to lend you a consolidation loan, it is the bank that pays the debts to your creditors. The latter having received their due, they will leave you alone, because it is the bank that has settled your debt for you. It is also the bank that will become your sole creditor to repay, which will put an end to these unpleasant phone calls.

If you find this situation most familiar, consolidation may be an option that will give you peace of mind and lessen your daily stress. Not to mention that consolidation is also a great plan to save you a lot of money.


You have dependents

If you have parents of young children, or if you support multiple family members, your wallet is likely to be burdened by debt or large future expenses. The problem with this type of situation is that you have to think about the future of many people, not just yours.

When the expenses related to the young person’s hobbies, school supplies and new hockey equipment have been paid with the credit card, it is likely that many other expenses will have been spent as well.

If you fear that you will not be able to bear all the expenses that your offspring will incur before long and that you have begun to accumulate unpaid bills, debt consolidation could save you thousands of dollars.

It’s much harder to simply cut personal expenses when you have to support multiple people. That’s why, by consolidating your debts, you avoid aggravating your financial situation and becoming unable to support your loved ones.


You have a good credit record

It’s no secret that banks do not lend money to anyone who wants to ask them for a loan. Financial institutions protect themselves by only lending money to people with a good repayment history.

Obtaining a debt consolidation loan is also subject to a credit investigation and the banks want to make sure that you are a debtor who pays back on time.

If you are in a situation where your credit history is healthy despite some debts that need to be consolidated, you could be the winner of such a bet.

Before you sign the loan that the bank gives you so generously, make sure that the interest rate attached to the loan is lower than the debts you already pay. The interest rates for a consolidation loan are around 12%, which is significantly lower than credit card rates, the main source of debt.

A financial advisor is also the expert of choice to inform you about the advantages of this approach according to the subtleties of your situation.


A solvent endorser is ready to guarantee your payment

Do you have an entourage whom you trust and who has similar faith in you? If so, this is good news, as the bank may require an endorser to add his name to the loan agreement to secure his interests. Of course, this situation is not ideal, far from it! However, this could be a necessary evil, especially if your finances are not as good as you would like.

The endorser is in fact the person who agrees to vouch for your debt in your place if you were unable to fulfill your financial obligations with the bank. The latter will have the right to turn against your endorser and demand the full payment to the good Samaritan who has kindly helped you, which would be a scenario for the least unfortunate, it is the least we can say.

In addition, if the latter is forced to pay for you, do not think that you are free as air! Indeed, the endorser can make an appeal against you if you do not run to recover his money. It will prove difficult if you no longer have the funds to pay it back, but the simple fights of legal struggle that can follow is enough to think twice.

The advantage of having an endorser is that it gives access to larger amounts of money on loan and increases your chances of you simply granting yourself the loan.

So, if you are confident that you can repay each of your payments as agreed with the bank and that a relative or friend wants to take this risk for you, debt consolidation is indeed a tempting option for you!


You are able to negotiate the interest rate

Just because the bank has the big end of the stick, that does not mean that you are obliged to accept the first offer made to you! You should take the time to shop consolidation loan offers from different financial institutions to compare different options in the market depending on your situation.


The better your credit report, the greater your bargaining power! That’s why it’s so important not to delay consolidating your debts, because the longer you wait before getting your finances in order, the more your credit report will suffer, and the more likely you are to get your money. interest on your consolidation loan will be low.

In addition, the services of a financial advisor or financial planner independent of a financial institution are often a good starting point in your approach, because they will be able to guide you and inform you about the types of loans that you should accept, without being tainted by the interests of the bank.

As mentioned earlier, it is generally advisable to be wary of some private lenders who do not offer a real benefit to their consolidation loan and who sometimes take advantage of your situation of need. Hence the importance of doing business with professionals!

So, if you are in a situation where, despite your debts, your credit rating has a drinking rating, you may well end up winning a negotiation with the bank and thus get a rate that is greatly beneficial.


You have learned to control your expenses

It is not our job to lecture you on the good and bad things to do with your money, because as we just said, this money belongs to you! However, when it comes time to talk about debt consolidation, this topic is inescapable. Why? Because a consolidation loan (especially a consolidation mortgage) will give you access to more funds available.

The problem you ask? This is because you risk falling back into the same trap that led you to over-indebtedness in the first place. It is not abnormal to see a second or even a third bankruptcy in someone who can not control himself.

This is one of the dangers of consolidating your debts if you have not learned from your mistakes. But as we have full faith in you, we know that the lesson is well anchored. That’s why consolidation can be a sound financial recovery approach if you use it wisely. It’s your financial security that depends on it after all!


You have property to give as guarantee

Like your credit history, the value of your assets that can be pledged will greatly affect your ability to obtain a debt consolidation loan. Indeed, as the bank seeks to secure your payment, it will most likely require that you give the property as collateral that can be seized in case of non-payment.

One of the most common ways that banks use to offer a lower interest rate is to require that you give your home as collateral, which is the most certain way to get the best rate possible. Of course, giving such a guarantee comes with the added pressure of having to make every payment with the accuracy of a metronome, otherwise the bank will be justified in exercising its right to your property.

You will understand that if the option of an unsecured loan is offered to you at a favorable rate, you should think about this option, because although the consequences of non-payment are still serious, you do not risk to make you seize so far.

However, this decision greatly depends on the particularities of your financial situation and your past. Hire a qualified person before making such an important decision!


Do you recognize your own situation?

Have you just finished your reading and you realize that your own financial situation has some, if not many, striking similarities to the examples we have given? If this is the case, it may be time to take on and start the machine before debt consolidation is even an option for you.

Indeed, if your debts are too big or your credit has been too much affected by your bad spending habits, it may be that no financial institution or private agency wants to contract with you. This scenario would lead to alternative debt resolution methods such as the consumer proposal, debt collector, or even worse, bankruptcy!

There is nothing to panic about, we are on the way! Now that you have decided to get rid of this burden, we are at your service to put you in contact with renowned professionals who care about your financial health and who know how to get you back on track.


By consolidating your debts, you will easily save thousands of dollars, in addition to quickly getting out of debt!


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